Portwell has a dedicated team to serve the needs in the rapidly expanding gaming market. For years, Portwell strives to bring latest Intel technology to the gaming market with stable, powerful computing, rich multimedia, and high security products that can meet and exceed customers deploy their products in the growing gaming market.


  • Low-power and High-performance.
  • Work seamlessly with servers, networking and backroom systems in support of client-server applications.
  • High-performance (compute and graphics) platforms that produce a multi-faceted gaming experience and run reliably 24 hours a day.
  • Built-in security to protect system integrity and guard against cyber theft.
  • Low-power components on small factor boards that can fit into slimmer cabinets.
  • Dual/Triple video output that can drive Multiple displays independently.
  • Multiple expansion slots, PCI slot and Mini-PCI slot, provide the flexibility to add peripherals such as player card readers and so on.
  • Customized BIOS and OS Service.

Successful Solution Overview

As an innovative pioneer in the Gaming Industry, Portwell provides full range of IPC products (SBC, Backplane, Embedded Board, redundant Power Supply, Chassis, and Heat Ventilation Accessories). Besides, our Gaming-Specific ODM turnkey system solutions (incl. BIOS & OS service) help you develop reliable gaming machine that can be compliant with strict regulation and industry specific standards. Aside from those, you can leverage Portwell to get Sample Express Service in order to save your Time-to-Design-Win.