The name Qseven® (Q7) is derived from “quadratic” as noted by the Q and seven refers to the 7 x 7 cm2 (70 x 70mm) size of the module. With evolution technology built upon a smaller size footprint mobile processor and chipset.
The Q7 standard provides high performance and low power consumption interfaces for mobile and battery operated applications with standard power consumption equal to or less than 12W which matches application requirements for fan-less operations by way of heat spreader mechanical interfaces.
Unlike other module standards, Q7 does not require an expensive board-to-board connector. It utilizes a very affordable MXM card slot with 230 pins in a 0.5 mm configuration. This slot is already being used for graphics cards in laptop computers, so it is capable of high-speed PEG (PCI Express Graphics) data transfers.


PQ7-M107 based on Qseven 2.0 SPEC designed with Intel® Atom™ N3000 series processor. Up to 4GB, 24bit LVDS, DP, USB 3.0

Qseven module by Qseven 2.0 based on Intel® Atom™ E3800 series platform with DDR3L SDRAM, 24bit LVDS, DP, SDIO, and USB3.0

Intel® Atom™ Based Qseven 2.0 module board with memorydown, Dual DP, SATA, PCIE, Gigabit Ethernet and eMMC

Qseven module based on Intel® Atom® E640T/ E660T/ E680T platform with DDR2 SDRAM, four PCI Express lanes, 24bit LVDS, SDVO,CAN bus, NANDrive

Based on Freescale® i.MX6 family, ARM® Cortex-A9, Solo / Dual / Quad core processor with onboard 1GB DDR3 (up to 2GB), PCIe 1-lane interface, VGA, HDMI, single LVDS 1-ch or dual LVDS (18/24-bit) 2-ch and CAN Bus. It i s design with series of Qseven® form factor.


Mini-ITX Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module with Triple Displays and One GbE

Mini-ITX Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module with Dual Displays and Two GbE

3.5" ESB Form Factor Carrier Board For Qseven Module

3.5" ESB Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module

Mini-ITX Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module with GbE, HDMI, VGA and dual LVDS.